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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Lead Characters and Vocal Ranges
Narrator: Soprano (Low A-High A)
Joseph: Tenor (Low Bb-High G)
Pharaoh: Tenor/Baritone (Low Bb-High Ab)
Jacob: Baritone (Low B-High Db)
Potiphar: Baritone (Low D-B)
Mrs. Potiphar: Alto/Mezzo (Low D-A)
Reuben [Those Canaan Days]: Baritone/Tenor (Low C-High F)
Benjamin Calypso Soloist: Tenor (F-High F)
One More Angel Soloist: Tenor (F-High F)
Butler: Tenor (Low C-High G)
Baker: Tenor (Low D-High G)
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