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The King is an imposing ruler. Having been born to his royal position and educated only in preparation for the throne, his range of experience is very limited. He has a commanding presence, speaks forcefully, stands solidly on both feet, can be extremely gruff in expressing himself, while also having a keen sense of humor.  Vocal range:  Baritone


Anna Leonowens is an English schoolteacher who is intelligent, poised, strong-wiled and cultured. Her husband died six years ago leaving her with a young son. A well-educated and patient teacher, she expresses her opinions in a polite but firm manner.  Vocal range:  Soprano


Lady Thiang is the King’s head wife and mother of Prince Chulalongkorn. She is dignified, humble, dependable and efficient.  Vocal range:  Mezzo Soprano


Louis Leonowens is Anna’s son. He is smart and inquisitive, open to and fascinated by new experiences. His father died several years ago and he is very close to and protective of his mother, with whom he has a very strong relationship.  Vocal range:  Boy Alto


Prince Chulalongkorn is the King’s oldest son and heir to the throne. Like his father before him, he has been groomed to be king since birth. He is supremely confident in himself, even a bit arrogant and stubborn.  Vocal range:  Boy Alto


The Kralahome holds a very important position within the Royal Palace as the King’s most trusted advisor and confidant. He has served the King faithfully for many years, having earned his trust and respect, and he is very protective of the King.  Non-singing


Tuptim is a teenage girl from Burma who has been sent to be a slave in the Royal Palace. She speaks English well and loves to read. Tuptim has great determination and is willing to take risks to get what she wants.  Vocal range:  Soprano


Lun Tha is a young emissary for the Prince of Burma, and as such is educated and responsible. He is very much in love with Tuptim and would do anything to protect her, but this love causes him to be foolhardy.  Vocal range:  Tenor


Sir Edward Ramsay is an extremely dignified and cultured British diplomat. Although he has come to Siam to determine whether or not the King is a barbarian, he is open-minded, gracious and warm.  Non-singing


Princess Ying Yaowalak is one of the King's youngest daughters. She will grow up to be Ying, the narrator of the story. She's a

delightful, eager little girl who is extremely fond of Anna and heartbroken at the thought of losing her.  Vocal range:  Girl Soprano


Captain Orton is a middle-aged Englishman who has spent his life working on the sea. He has probably never seen a single woman with a child travel along on such a long voyage, as Anna and Louis have, and is therefore especially concerned for their well being.  Non-singing


The Interpreter is a member of the king’s entourage.  Non-singing


Phra Alack is the king’s secretary and chief flunky.  Non-singing


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